So how long had we been hanging on to that old Philco radio/record player console?  Long enough.  It's now a bar and is waiting for a new owner to find it at Antiques Market in Moultrie Plaza on Coleman Blvd in Mt Pleasant.  The Great One can check that one off of his to do list. 

Who would have ever thought he’d turn into Handy Randy?  And even more amazing, he is actually enjoying it. 

He now has a work table (we rescued from a trash pile) that takes up most of the garage, which has never housed a car anyway. 


A vise, purchased from a yard sale, is now properly attached to his table waiting for the opportunity to be of service. 

And he is not lacking in screws, nails, nuts, bolts and other thingamajigs as we found some organizers at an estate sale filled with lots of goodies.  Probably way more than we'll ever need.

Because “a clean workspace is a happy workspace,” a large shop vac, sucks up the dust as fast as he generates it.  (Seems he finally realized that the tiny little one he insisted was all we needed is not going to cut it.  I won’t say I told him so, but. . .) 

Now if I can just talk him into a router and a saw or two.  I see signs and frames in my future.