midcentury modern


So, what do you get when a 1940’s wooden tabletop Admiral radio/record player is married to a set of reclaimed midcentury modern industrial hairpin legs?  Who knew the Great Randini could be so handy and creative?  The man who has always believed in “stimulating the economy” by paying someone else to do the chores he prefers not to do – yardwork being #1 on that list.  The man who can’t seem to understand why Sara and I buy perfectly good large pieces of fabric, snip them into tiny little pieces and then stitch them back together to make an even larger piece of fabric.  In other words, physical labor and creativity are not his thing.  So when he produced this one-of-a- kind little table, I was speechless.  Of course, without Eric’s and Kayla’s tables for inspiration, he wouldn’t even be at square one.

Now, I’m looking at everything with a different eye and considering turning our garage into The Great One’s One-of-a-Kind Table Factory.  I’m thinking our mail lady is shaking her head and crossing her fingers that I don’t follow through on that plan.  She had to lug the box holding the 8 legs (yep, we’ve already got another table in the works) from her truck up to our door.  

This Philco radio/record player is looking forward to getting legged.  Initially, she was a little hesitant, afraid that the hairpins legs wouldn’t support her; but since the Admiral has shown her how sturdy his sea legs are, she is looking forward to doing a little dancing once her legs are attached.  Now she calls the Great One over every time he enters the garage asking, “What’s a girl gotta do around here to get some attention?”  He tells her that I’m the one holding up her transformation now.  All we need is a little TLC to bring this wooden beauty back to life and then he’ll leg her. 

Once the Philco dances out the door on her new old legs, there is a beautiful oak file drawer waiting in the wings for his time in the spotlight.  We haven’t decided what to do with him yet but he will have storage galore.  And as the winner of the pack rat gene lottery, I can’t think of a better selling point for The Great One’s One-of-a- Kind Table Factory tables.