As our beach vacation drew to a close, we headed to Myrtle Beach in search of some great antique/vintage malls and with the assistance of the Great One’s newest favorite app, Waze, found Vintiques Antique and Variety Mall.  How do we love Waze?  Let us count the ways.  First of all, she is so pleasant.  Never ever does she grumpily announce “RECALCULATING – What is wrong with you people?  Have you not learned left from right yet?  Maybe you shouldn’t even be behind the wheel.”   Waze got us there easily avoiding the usual Beach traffic.  Who knew getting there would be so easy?  Had we known, we would have gone sooner.

Entering Vintiques as first time visitors, we headed to the counter where Russell gave us the lay of the land helping us to strategically plan our search.  We were barely getting warmed up, when we came across a 75% off booth.  Could this be reality or just a fantasy?  Believe it or not, the entire stock of this particular vendor was 75% off the marked price – a deal too good to pass up, so we didn’t.  It’s a wonder we’re not still there. 

In a booth further back, we came across a Victrola cabinet repurposed as a bar.  Of course, I had to have pictures.  You never know when we might expand our horizons and try our hand at one of these.  It’ll probably be a while since we have 4 console phono/radios in the garage as well as my Minnesota Sewing machine cabinet still waiting for those cooler fall temperatures.

Vintiques is not your run of the mill antique/vintage mall.  There are nooks and crannies filled with treasures inviting exploration.  Don’t forget to look up.  We almost missed a large antique all wooden tricycle suspended from the ceiling - so rare that determining its value is proving to be quite a task.  Near the front we found an antique glass/wooden physician’s cabinet with instruments and an old US Post Office counter/window, complete with rows of PO Boxes on either side, awaiting a new postmaster.  While a stack of vintage pennants recognized the sports fanatic walking past and lured him over noting there was a team for everyone. 

Are you needing a trip down memory lane?  Vintiques can provide that, too.  Their stock is ever changing and includes antique, vintage and repurposed items.  They are willing to buy, sell, or trade and if they don’t have what you are looking for, I am willing to bet they will know where you can find it.  After spending a good part of the afternoon with Heather and Russell, they pointed out other stores and flea markets to include on future trips.