Vintiques Vintage and Antique Mall


Awakening to the sound of rain on the roof (the actual pitter-pattering of raindrops, not the song) we considered going back to sleep, but since we have started spending our Saturdays searching the aisles in nearby picker’s paradises, it has become difficult to let a little liquid precipitation deter us.  So we grabbed our raincoats and ran from the porch to the truck without any mishaps and took that as a sign that we should spend the ultimate Pi Day of the century enjoying our favorite pastime.

So on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 – or there about – we arrived at our first destination, Old Paths Antiques & Consignments in Hickory, North Carolina.  We searched each booth and found interesting things we hadn’t seen before, but just not anything that begged to come home with us, so off we went to the next stop on our list which turned out to be an empty lot.  No closed shop, no vacant building, no coming soon.  Of course, I have been known to transpose numbers in the past – just last weekend as a matter of fact – but I checked and double-checked the addresses in Hickory as I entered them Friday night.  While the other addresses did turn out to be open stores, none of them were the type of antique/vintage mall we wanted.

As time was ticking away and we had yet to find any treasures, we headed over to Conover – not Cordoba or Concordia (you had to be there) – where Ageless Treasures Antique Center is located.  We have found that sometimes the best antique/vintage malls are off the beaten path in small communities and that is indisputably true in this case.  It’s well lit, well laid out and “climate controlled.”  With what we consider a cold damp winter, many of these malls located in transformed old industrial buildings are far from warm and cozy in the winter.  Ageless Treasures, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem.  They have a wide assortment of vendors selling bottles, coins, jewelry, china/glass, pottery, furniture, books, toys, and anything else you could possibly want.  If you’re looking for a Hoosier cabinet, you need to start your search at Ageless Antiques.  You may find just the one you’re looking for there.

Oh, did I mention banks?  You know the Great One has an undeniable affinity for banks and he found the perfect one to go with his group of Galaxy Food Space Ranger Banks, a 1950’s Strato Mechanical Bank by Duro.  It has a small rocket ship that fires a coin into a slot on the moon.  Unlike his other banks, he will have no trouble getting his money back out of this one.  No, it did not come with a key.  The hatch cover is missing.  However, if it happened to be in place, then he would need a key, which is also missing.  So, I guess his Grand Pubahship of the Society of Keyless Banks Collectors remains intact. 

After agonizing over whether or not to buy the bank – was there ever really any doubt that this transaction would come to pass – we thanked, Bob Cline, the owner for his patience with us, told him how much we enjoyed our visit and found out that there are a few booths still open as well as cases of varying sizes for smaller dealers.  Surely, there are some collectors in the area who need to thin out their extras.  As we all know, it doesn’t take long for a collection to outgrow its allotted space at home.

Leaving Ageless Treasures, our GPS took us to Denver, North Carolina to Vintiques Vintage & Antique Mall - just look for the yellow school bus.  Steve & Cheryl Deskus must have known we were starving.  They had cake, chips and salsa, crackers, cheese, veggies, and punch on tables up front and home-baked goodies and other snacks in booths throughout the store.  Of course, they weren’t just for us.  They were celebrating Vintiques’ second anniversary and we just happened to hit them on the right day.  The Great One even won a door prize.  Thank you, Vintiques, for the framed patriotic copy of The Pledge of Allegiance. 

While there, we couldn’t pass up a 1950s radio/record player console at a really reasonable price.  The Great One plans on trying his hand at upcycling this into a small bar.  (After he finishes Kayla’s, of course!) 

Although the day had started out as a bit of a disappointment, our two afternoon stops made it well worth dodging the morning raindrops to find these two antique/vintage malls.  They will never be relegated to “if we have time” or “on the way to” status.  They are certainly top destinations and we will return frequently to both.