Quintin Frey


Recently when he returned from Turkey Hill Dairy, thanks to the generosity of Quintin Frey, the Great Randini presented me with a priceless gift.  While I am an easy woman to please and would have been delighted with Turkey Hill Ice Cream (Pistachio Almond or Salted Caramel, please), I was a bit stunned when he presented me with a 1942 Armor P. Frey Turkey Hill Dairy cream top milk bottle. Only in my dreams did I ever think I’d have the opportunity of owning such a treasured piece of Frey Family History.  However, to have Quintin Frey, the grandson of Armor Frey who was the founder of Turkey Hill Dairy, entrust us with such a treasure is truly an honor.  

In order to understand why a South Carolinian would be so excited to receive an empty 73-year-old bottle from Pennsylvania, you need a little background information.  While the Great Randini currently works for Turkey Hill, that wasn't always the case. 

He spent over 20 years working for a 20+ billion dollar national food company, which shall remain nameless.  Somewhere along the way, as is the case with most mega-corporations, the almighty bottom line began to suck the life out of everyone and everything in its path.  His aha moment arrived one morning when he decided life was too short, realized he had put in the years required and set the wheels of retirement in motion.  Immediately thereafter, the real Great Randini, who had been missing for quite some time, began to resurface.  The only problem was retirement income was significantly lower and unless we wanted to live in a van down by the river, true retirement would be a bit tricky.

So he updated his resume and launched a job search.  He registered on all the career websites.  He networked.  He took courses and renewed his teacher’s certification.  He looked at entrepreneurship.  And then out of the blue he came across an ad for a dairy located in Lancaster County looking for a “seasoned sales manager” for the Carolinas.  Since we live a hop, skip, and a jump away in York County, we wouldn't even have to relocate.  This sounded like a position that had been created just for him.  It took him no time to get his cover letter and resume uploaded to Career Builders.  We’d never heard of a dairy in Lancaster County, but then contrary to popular belief, the Great Randini really does not know everything. 

Shortly after a preliminary phone interview, he was asked to “fly up to the dairy” for an interview.  He was stumped as to why he would need to fly across the county line or if he would even be able to arrange such a flight and that’s when he had his light-bulb moment - perhaps he should do a little research.  Turkey Hill’s Lancaster County was located in Pennsylvania.  (They have a York County, too.)

Long story short, when he interviewed with Turkey Hill he was extremely impressed and knew that he had found a company that valued its employees as well as its customers.  At that point, if it meant moving to Lancaster PA, we were game.  As it turned out, the position would be based out of the Carolinas and everything just fell into place.  

What’s so great about Turkey Hill?  Read the following Enduring Principles taken from Turkey Hill A Family Vision and tell me how many companies today believe in and live by such a code.  These Enduring Principles have always been a guiding force for Turkey Hill and the Frey family.  They are not empty words printed on paper, but the core beliefs that are put into practice every day by every employee throughout the entire company.   


·         Treat all people with fairness and respect.

·         Practice honesty and integrity in all relationships.

·         Produce and sell quality, wholesome products.

·         Serve our customers as we would like to be served.