Moultrie Plaza


So how long had we been hanging on to that old Philco radio/record player console?  Long enough.  It's now a bar and is waiting for a new owner to find it at Antiques Market in Moultrie Plaza on Coleman Blvd in Mt Pleasant.  The Great One can check that one off of his to do list. 

Who would have ever thought he’d turn into Handy Randy?  And even more amazing, he is actually enjoying it. 

He now has a work table (we rescued from a trash pile) that takes up most of the garage, which has never housed a car anyway. 


A vise, purchased from a yard sale, is now properly attached to his table waiting for the opportunity to be of service. 

And he is not lacking in screws, nails, nuts, bolts and other thingamajigs as we found some organizers at an estate sale filled with lots of goodies.  Probably way more than we'll ever need.

Because “a clean workspace is a happy workspace,” a large shop vac, sucks up the dust as fast as he generates it.  (Seems he finally realized that the tiny little one he insisted was all we needed is not going to cut it.  I won’t say I told him so, but. . .) 

Now if I can just talk him into a router and a saw or two.  I see signs and frames in my future.  

IN 2017, I RESOLVE TO . . .

New Year’s Eve 2016 is fast approaching and there are so many resolutions I should make.  But if I take the time now to evaluate each and decide which ones I might have the possibility of sticking with, I’d still be sitting here on the 29th of December in 2017.  So instead, I’ll start by resolving to make more time for my Midlife Pickers blog.  No more excuses about lack of time or creative juices.

At this time last year, we were getting ready to put our house on the market and move back to Charleston.  So, I had a feeble excuse to slack off.  Anticipating a long drawn out ordeal with prospective buyers trooping in and out for weeks and even months at all hours of the day and night, we were pleasantly surprised.  We had a few fast and furious days - less than a week.  Poor Spike, who has a major aversion to riding in the car, threatened to pack his bags and move in with a more stable family.

Then started the hunt for a new home - excuse #2.  Foiled again.  Despite an ice storm in Fort Mill, we made it to Charleston a day late, found a Spike-friendly new home and by the beginning of March were all settled.  And I was out of excuses for my procrastinating ways. 

But then because of lack of space, we decided to take our sizeable collection of treasures to Antiques Market in Moultrie Plaza on Coleman Blvd in Mt Pleasant and now I have a constant excuse for blog procrastination.  Keeping up with the Midlife Pickers booth is time consuming, but we love it.  Since we have no room at home for all the things that continue to entice us to buy them, the booth makes a perfect place for them to entice others to take them home.  They are doing a pretty good job of that.  I guess they just saw us as a stepping stone along the way on the path to their real homes. 

If there is a spot in your home yearning for something to fill it, maybe some of our favorite things still looking for a spot in someone’s collection will inspire you.  I know there is someone out there for each of them.  After all, the embracing couple, the pewter pig napkin rings and the Beatrice Grocery Group leather sample case all latched onto happy shoppers and followed them home as have Larry, Curly and Moe.

Hope your Christmas was merry and that the New Year exceeds your expectations.