Lost N Found Vintage Mall


If you had told me years ago that I’d find myself on a hot August afternoon in a chicken coop, I would have declared you had the wrong girl.  You see, I’ve never been a chicken coop kind of a girl.  However, this weekend I found myself in the middle of Chicken Coop Antiques & Home Décor in Mooresville, North Carolina and loving every minute in it. 

As the Chicken Coop just opened in July, with a grand opening on the 4th, this was our first visit, but it definitely will not be our last.  It was the perfect place to cool off while scoring our most unique find of the day.  Our next visit will be on the first Saturday of the month when the Coop has their Antique Yard Sale.

Be sure to stop in and visit with Alan and Brie Cagle.  They have some items you won’t find anywhere else.  As well, they are always looking for more unique items to sell.  So, if you have advertising, pedal cars, wagon wheels, old toys or bottles, license plates, gas pumps, vintage bicycles, or juke boxes give them a call 980-521-1874.  They buy, sell, and trade and they have a long wish list including many other categories. 

So what did we find in the Coop today?  Well by now you know I’m a sucker for anything marked “Made In Occupied Japan.” I know, you’re thinking what’s so unique about that.  Well, they had a peacock pocket warmer with the original box, directions, a velvet carrying bag, and the little measuring cup for the fuel.  This is the first MIOJ we have found in the original box.

Before we found our way to the Coop, we had visited Lost N Found Vintage Mall and American Classic Antique Mall.  The pinball machine I wrote about a while back is no longer in residence at American Classic, having found a new home, but there was plenty to see.  I know you’ll find it hard to believe that the Great One found a bank and of course, it has no key.  This is also a National Recording Safe Company traveling teller type bank.  This one will hold $24.90 in change and has an opening on top for rolled dollar bills.  However, it is so heavy empty, I can only imagine what it would weigh when full.  Of course, if he puts any money in, it’ll take more than a rainy day to get it out.  Maybe he should just use it for a paperweight instead. 

At Lost N Found we found a dark green siphon seltzer bottle.  Since we rarely find any of these, much less a green one, we knew we weren’t going to walk away empty-handed.  Green must be our lucky color because after getting to know Barbara, who was holding down the fort, she contacted the owners and got us a really good deal.  When you visit Lost N Found, check out Barbara’s booth, Brown Eyed Suzy, for items, particularly jewelry, made with vintage bits and pieces bringing the past to the present and launching it into the future.

We didn’t pay much attention to the printing on the bottle at the time, but it turns out our lucky bottle is from Argentina.  While the Argentinians have always loved their soda water, nowadays folks there like to order “sifon de soda,” which is a bottle of seltzer water along with their wine allowing them to mix their own refreshing wine spritzer.

No visit to Mooresville would be complete without stopping at Lake Norman Antique Mall, which is where our day began, mainly because I remembered their more than ample air-conditioning, a high priority in August.  I guess it’s been one of those days where it was easier to start at the end and work my way back to the beginning.