Home Depot



According to Kermit the frog, it’s not easy being green.  At the Relics Antique Center & Flea Market on Savanah Highway near Red Top, South Carolina we found a vintage magazine table that agreed with him.  Somebody along the way had painted it a glossy bright shade of green and it was just begging to go home with us so it could shed its shiny green skin.

In a state of enthusiastic optimism, I disassembled the table and so it sat for (I’m ashamed to admit) months.  Eventually, I remembered to pick up some paint stripper while I was at Home Depot, where I could actually find it, unlike the dentist’s office.  You see, while at the dentist, I have to transport my brain elsewhere or I’d never manage to stay in the chair.  So while running through all the things I’d rather be doing that day (and that would be just about anything else), I made a mental list of all the things we still needed to complete our current projects of which there are many.  Unfortunately, I must have left that list in the dentist’s office.     

Once I finally came home with the stripper in hand, I carried all the pieces of my little table out to the backyard in search of a shady, well-ventilated space – not an easy task as shade is close to nonexistent in our yard.  After 2 coats of stripper, most of the green was gone but there were still a lot of gunky areas left behind. Since Lowe’s is closer than Home Depot, I headed there in search of Formby’s Furniture Refinisher and steel wool before I had time to forget what I needed. 

Back home again, this time on the front porch, I was shocked at how fast and easy the Formby’s cleaned off all the gunk and other built-up residue leaving smooth, clean wood behind.  After a coat of Howard Feed and Wax, the Great One helped me put our happy little table back together again.  Now, if we can just figure out what do with it.