Gibson Mill


Finally, a beautiful Saturday morning (as in no rain) arrived and learning that Jim was back at the Barnyard Flea Market in Pineville, we headed that way to stop by and say hello.  Happy to find him looking and feeling good and learning that his wife is also doing well, we were ready to head on. 

From there, The Depot at Gibson Mill was our destination, after the obligatory QT breakfast stop, of course.  Believe it or not, visiting Jim took precedence over the Great One’s Diet Mountain Dew and Rice Krispie Treat breakfast.  Yes, he has tweaked his menu slightly.   

Nearing the Poplar Tent Road exit, we realized it had been a while since we visited The Depot.  All of the orange barrels that had so cheerfully greeted us on every visit in the past have vanished and the newly created round-about is operational.  After careful deliberation, the Great One chose the perfect parking spot and in we went.  Although we never know what we are going to find at The Depot, we do know we will always find a wealth of friendly vendors and today was no exception.

For us, visiting The Depot is a daylong excursion.  Usually, upon entering the front door we drift right, but today, we began browsing in the opposite direction.  Ellie’s Diner was open and the aroma promising a delicious lunch break kept pulling my nose in that direction.  Far be it for us to deny my nose, so we decided to go ahead and eat before the major rush got there.   

Having silenced our hunger pangs, as well as my nose, we began our hunting in earnest and came upon Bruce and Jon Maria Taylor of Eclectic Perspectives trying to decide where to hang a life-size metal sculpture of a skeleton holding a pumpkin.  (Glancing at it sideways, I mistakenly assumed it was a basketball player holding a ball.  You know what they say about assuming.)  As usual, the Great One was happy to offer his opinion on the subject and we got to talking with them. 

Sharing an abundance of knowledge with years of experience to back it up, they gave us their views on picking in general, vendor booths and Etsy shops.  They both work in the education field and started picking as a shared weekend hobby.  One thing lead to another and now they have a couple of booths (Eclectic Perspectives and Vintage Types) and a couple of Etsy shops.  They each have their own area of interest and expertise.  Keeping up with all of this in what used to be their spare time keeps them quite busy, but they still enjoy hunting for those special treasures and then passing them on to just the right new owners who will cherish them. 

At this point, we’re still just collecting, but know the day will come when we can no longer find each other amongst all the “collectibles” we have amassed and will need to find new homes for our treasured pieces.  When that time comes, we will be forever grateful to Bruce and Jon Maria as well as all the other folks along the way who have taken the time to point us in the right direction.  In the meantime, we will continue bringing home those pieces that latch on to us and won’t let go.  Fortunately for us, they are getting smaller and lighter.