After a night at the prom – our stay at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA coincided with a local high school prom and our room overlooked the ballroom in which said prom was held with twinkling lights and DJ included – we hit the road homeward bound.  Since the Great One and I had never seen the battlefield at Gettysburg, we decided to take the back roads and ride through Gettysburg.  You don’t have to get directions, the highway goes smack dab through the battlefield itself.  Perhaps we will go back when we have time to explore the town and take a battlefield tour.

Continuing on Lincoln Highway, in a little town named Thomasville we came across Hermit’s Hut.  Now, if you are looking for more bang for your buck, this is definitely the place to start.  We had barely walked in the door when The Great One noticed a round oak-top table and some chairs.  Since we really didn’t have room for another table and chairs, we almost passed it by.  That is until we saw the price tag on the table - $55.  Yep, you read that right and that included the 4 chairs.  Now, how could we pass that up?  Honestly, we did try to talk ourselves out of it.  We came up with plenty of excuses but none of them held up, so we put our name on the table and chairs and continued looking.

Maneuvering past the table and chairs, we bumped into a wooden end table with an inlaid leaf design.  Now, did we really need another end table?  Of course not, we have more end tables than you can shake a stick at, but who were we to pass up a $12 solid wood table?  So that came home with us along with a few other goodies – obviously, we couldn’t leave without at least one more bank

I guess I should mention that we were only going as far as Staunton, Virginia and the truck bed isn’t covered, which meant the Great One had to deconstruct the oak table and do some shuffling of the luggage (we always over-pack) and other purchases.  Eventually, after a bungee cord to the nose – sorry about that, dear, perhaps he would have been better off without my assistance – we got everything situated and headed on down the road.