Electro Acoustic radio


So the Great One and I have finally finished our first repurposing project, but I need you to see the before, before I show you the after. 

About three years ago, this Electro Acoustic floor model record player by Magnavox along with these two tabletop record player/radios, an Emerson and an Admiral, hitched a ride from Maryland and ended up in our garage.  Back in those days, our garage was pretty much just a catch-all for everything that we didn’t know what else to do with, so we just pushed and shoved a few things around and nestled these new arrivals amongst the current occupants. 

As time went by, when the repurposing/upcycling bug latched onto us we only had to open the garage door to find our first project.  How much harm could we do?  It wasn’t in working condition and needed some TLC.  But before we could get started, we had to create a little bit of space.  A few trips to the recycling center later, we were ready to start.    

Of course, you need to see some of the along-the-way shots, particularly the Great Randini in all his glory! Fortunately we have a lot of helpful neighbors, particularly Mike Becker, to make up for our lack of expertise and power tools.  We’re definitely looking forward to more projects now that the garage is more of a workshop and less of a dumping ground.

And finally, the long awaited finished project! Of course, it’s no longer a functioning record player, but it certainly makes a great looking bar,doesn't it?  Nothing got thrown away.  We still have all the “guts” so, if Eric and Kayla decide they want to bring it back to its former self, they at least have a starting point.  But then, where would the wine and liquor go?