Brown's Pottery


Egg separator.JPG

Grabbing a clean mug out of the dishwasher one morning I noticed that Eggy, even with his perpetual smile, was looking a bit glum.  So I asked him, “Why so blue, Eggy?”  To my surprise, he rolled his eyes condescendingly and asked, “Seriously, you’re asking a cobalt blue piece of pottery why so blue?  Is that the best you can do?”

Eggy did have a point, but it was early morning and I needed my caffeine.  After putting some honey in my coffee, I took him over to the table with me.  “Okay, Eggy, we obviously need to talk.  Tell me why you’re so sad.”

“Well, it’s a bit lonely over there on that counter.  I mean, the pink flamingos – don’t even get me started on those birds.  And your counter angels are nice gals, but a guy needs another guy to talk to once in a while.  The Space Admiral flew by the other night but he and his Space Rangers are always busy saving the universe and don’t have much time for chit-chat.  Is it too much to ask for just one other guy in here?” 

Promising I’d start searching for a friend for Eggy, the Great One and I headed to Concord to see if we could find White Owl Antique Mall and Design Center.  We had tried to find it before on word of mouth directions, but as we had no name and no address just “another shop a couple of stoplights or maybe three down, then take a right or maybe it’s a left, go around this curve and then. . . well you can’t miss the sign” our GPS just threw her hands up in exasperation and sent us home.  But this time, I was armed with the actual name and address and she was so appreciative, she didn't blurt out “RECALCULATING!!!” even once.  Of course, we didn't stray from her designated path either.   

As the White Owl was having a moving sale, we got there just in the nick of time.  Some of their vendors were in the process of packing and a few had already moved lock, stock and barrel, but there was still plenty to see and most of the prices had been reduced.  Because it was such a cold damp day, it was even chilly inside so the Great One headed back to the truck for his coat.  Being the ever gallant soul, he did offer to get mine too, but I thought I’d eventually warm up.  Where are those hot flashes when you need them?  

Surprisingly, we had only been in White Owl for a short while when I saw a new friend for Eggy.  This one made by Brown’s Pottery of Arden NC is a tricolor Charlie Brown ceramic egg separator.  This had to be my lucky day.  Not only had I found Eggy’s new buddy so quickly, but he was even 50% off!  

Eggy and Ovie bonded right from the start.  They go together like scrambled eggs and bacon, are truly inseparable and want to grow up to be “double nought secret agents.”  If I can’t find any old Beverly Hillbillies episodes featuring Jethro and his double nought spy training I guess I’ll need to start reading James Bond 007 novels to them.  They are determined to become the newest covert duo on loan to Her Majesty’s Secret Service.