Charleston in July is hard pressed to find a day that doesn’t make it into the 90s.  And then, Mother Nature puts the icing on the cake and tops the heat off with a good dollop of humidity.  Just to let us all know that she is still in charge.  Thank God for Willis Carrier!  The Great One and I wonder how we ever survived without air conditioning.   So, who in their right mind goes to an outdoor moving sale on a day like that?  Looks like just us and the chickens. 

As the chickens were neighbors, they didn’t have to sit through the light at the Main Road/Savannah Highway intersection more than a time or two and hope that WAZE could find a street we had never heard of on Johns Island.  So, when we finally arrived, they had quite a head start, having been the early birds.  Fortunately, their tastes and ours were at opposite ends of the spectrum.  (Thanks to Danny and Veronica for letting Lessie, Beyoncé, Woodstock and Little Peep stand in for the chickens whose pictures I forgot to take.)

So, while the chickens negotiated with the sellers, we began to look around and lo and behold, there sat a Space Ranger box.  Wouldn’t our Space Commander love to have a backup vehicle?  All that stood between us and the box was an ant nest, which we didn’t notice until one of the ants, having had his home turf invaded by my foot, made his presence known. 

Now what are the odds that this hard to find cardboard box with space themed graphics would hold an entire set of Space Rangers in pristine condition?  Needless to say, it was worth the ant bite.

Our favorite find, of course, was the Space Rangers, but we found a few more treasures, as well.  Among them the one thing every home needs - an elephant doorknocker.

Certainly, every home needs a little red wooden puppy dog to sit in the window.

But most importantly, because it makes a house a home, “all you need is love.”