Unlike curiosity, procrastination will not kill the cat – the blog maybe, but not the cat.  So, what ever happened to that single solitary New Year’s Resolution I made? Although I had plans to post to the blog on a regular basis, old habits die hard.  Let me explain why the blog has been lacking in new posts – not excuses, mind you, just an explanation.

First, work has been crazy.  While the overall amount is less, the schedule is more fluid and it seems to arrive in dribs and drabs with no rhyme or reason to the timing.  I’m not complaining – an unpredictable schedule is better than a total lack of work.

Secondly, I decided to try my hand at refinishing an old desk and I’m hooked.  So then I took on a 1930s chest of drawers graciously provided by my next door neighbor and now am working on a Remploy tea cart.  Although I still have a good bit left to do on that, I’m already looking forward to my next project.  We have plenty to choose from in the garage – no cars, just projects.

And finally, the booth across from us at Antiques Market became available and we decided to expand.  We now have 4 walls instead of just 2 but our booth is still wide open with a nice wide aisle down the center.  Plenty of space for lookers and pickers.  We also now have room for all of the things that wouldn’t fit in the booth before along with all of Randini’s cars and planes.  Stop by and take a look.  If you go in on Sundays, you will even get to meet the Great Randini in person.  Now, how could you possibly miss out on an opportunity like that?