Once again, the even-bigger storage unit is full, as is the garage and we still haven’t found a way to stretch our rooms to accommodate all of the treasures we have collected.  And so they spend their days packed away in bubble wrap, no one to admire them and I’m certain, more than a few of them are a bit claustrophobic. When they do see the bright light of day again, they may need a bit of therapy.  So we have decided to move them once again – not to a new storage unit this time, but to an antique mall booth, where they can catch the eye of new admirers and find themselves a new home where they can be gazed upon on a daily basis by someone who will love and cherish them again.  Languishing away in anonymity is no way for these goodies to spend the rest of their lives.

Knowing that we were going to downsize tremendously when we moved back to Charleston, the thought had been in the back of our minds for a while.  We’ve checked out quite a few options in the area and luckily found a wide-open corner booth that will be available in the very near future and it looks like we’d better get busy.

First task – deciding what to take.  The Great One’s Spacemen and related toys are off the table.  They have already found a home on the shelves in our living area (the downstairs is all one room folks – kitchen/living/dining.  Fortunately, we get along pretty well, which is very helpful since we also share a home office upstairs.) 

My seltzer bottles are here to stay, as well.  Pretty much anything else is fair game.  I told the Great One he’d best be on good behavior or I might tag him Item #7 (in honor of his childhood hero) and put him in the booth along with all of our other treasures.

Back to our downsizing – remember my old front porch?  The one with the white wicker rockers?  It’s a good thing I left my rockers in Fort Mill.  This is my new front porch.  No room for rockers here.

However, my plant stand feels right at home.  I did do a Mod Podge revamp on the pastel pots so they would go better with the red front door, however, I do need to lose the plants with the pink leaves.

Although I lost the big front porch, I gained a screened in back porch which is quite a plus in my book. particularly in Charleston!

And a little balcony,  “O Romeo, Romeo!  Wherefore art thou, Romeo?”