We certainly started the New Year off with a bang and Summerville is where we set our sights.  Because of Connie Minter, we have been following Antiques & Artisans Village on Facebook, so we decided it was time to check it out in person.  Antiques & Artisans has 2 locations in Summerville and we visited both on Saturday.  Our ever faithful GPS took us to the Old Trolley Road location first.

We had our fingers crossed that they would be open on this holiday weekend and along with a lot of other folks, we weren’t disappointed.  The Old Trolley A&A is by far the larger and busier location.  It is light and bright and filled with “I just have to have that!” and “Do you really expect me to leave this behind?” kind of items.

After our loss of self-control on New Year’s Day, we gave ourselves a stern talking to, reminding ourselves that we needed to reign in our purchasing until we have managed to relocate.  This time, hard as it was to do, we listened.  We spent more time talking and looking and no time purchasing.  There were plenty of one of a kind treasures vying for our attention, but we resisted.  (Of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a list.)

Did you say you needed a beautiful wooden bowl made by a local artisan?  You need to go to A&A.  Are you looking for locally made jewelry or painted furniture?  You’ll have a multitude of options.  Looking for a friendly helpful staff?  Then A&A really is your kind of place.   Proud of our home state?  You will find SC pride items in many of these booths. 

Leaving the Old Trolley Road store, we found our way to the downtown location.  Summerville has grown a lot over the years, but downtown still has the feel of a small town.  Maybe being the “birthplace of sweet ice tea” gives Summerville that front-porch-swing-summer-day feeling all year long.  Fortunately, on-street parking in Summerville does not involve parallel parking.  (Remember you had to learn to do that properly before you could get a SC driver’s license?  How often have you had to use that skill?)

When we arrived at A&A’s downtown location, we entered a different world.  High ceilings, wooden floors, large shop windows and beautiful woodwork.  It isn’t as large as the Old Trolley location but it has charm and character galore.  I spied an antique Victrola record player that still works and a gorgeous Hoosier cabinet.  We constantly had to repeat the mantra – “Window shopping only!  No room in the storage unit!”  (Of course, one phone call can rectify that problem, which it did days later.  Too late for these guys, but then we do still have a garage full of projects waiting to be restored or refurbished in need of a temporary home until we decide what we are going to do, as there is dissension in the ranks on this subject.)  Once again, we left empty-handed; but I’m sure we’ll return to find even more treasures in the future.

We can’t forget Main Street Antiques.  Don’t let your eyes fool you.  When you drive up, you are going to think that this is a teeny tiny shop and you’ll be in and out in minutes.  Once inside, you’ll see there is another room, and another and it just keeps on going.  We almost gave in here and bought some tables from their mid-century modern collection, but then a little voice in our heads piped up and brought us back to reality.  Then another little voice said, “Jonathan and Joanna love mid-century modern.” Which they do, but I think even they have no room for tables currently.  We’ll be checking back on this one, too.