When we moved to Fort Mill 14 years ago, the Great Randini realized that we had landed ourselves above the “gnat line” and proclaimed that he was never, ever moving back below it.  Therefore, having him agree that we should move back to Charleston when he retired was a pleasant surprise.  With a long range plan set in motion, I figured we’d be living back in Charleston when we hit our 70s.  Compared to never ever, I was content with down the road.  So you can imagine my utter surprise when he told me he was thinking maybe we could move that timetable up a bit, like let’s put the house on the market now and see how it goes.  

After picking myself back up off the floor, I agreed and we started “decluttering.”  Well, if you’ve read my blog, you know that was a monumental task.  We swore off picking for the foreseeable future and prevailed upon Ryan and Ashlynn who helped us tremendously by agreeing to adopt some of our treasures, finding a place for them in their new home.  I’ve seen pictures of the end results.  Believe me, with their creative juices flowing, a lot of elbow grease, some stain, some paint and a dash of TLC, these same pieces look much happier in their home than being exiled to our garage.

On Thanksgiving, we headed to Charleston, not to find a home, but to tell the family of our plans and to find a storage unit for our plethora of treasures.  Having made numerous trips back since to fill it up, we have come to the realization that we may have grossly underestimated our spatial needs.  Unloading the last truckload of our prior pickings required quite a bit of reconnoitering but when we left, we were still able to close the door and lock it.

While we had good intentions trying to give up picking for the time being, this weekend it snuck up on us and ambushed us big time.  We promised we were only doing research checking out some of the malls anticipating the possibility of renting a booth in the Charleston/Summerville area once we move.  Certainly, we needed to see what our options are and check them out in person.   

We were happy to find Summerville Antique Gallery open with a New Year’s Day sale in full swing and donuts and cookies to fuel our research.  At first, we stuck by our pledge that is until the Great One spotted an amber seltzer bottle, which didn’t take long.  I pretended to nonchalantly pass it by for about half-a-second . . . and that first breach in our pledge was like the 1000 year flood waters, there was no stopping us now.   

Yes, it was only New Year’s Day, but then that resolution was really one made last year and I don’t remember renewing it on New Year’s Eve.  Didn’t the time limit on 2015 resolutions officially expire with the drop of the ball in Times Square?  (Have I ever told you that I have extraordinary powers of rationalization?)   With that first purchase of the New Year, we’re back in picking mode and if we keep this up, we’re going to need another storage unit.  This time, we’ll choose a larger one.