We have made the trip to Salisbury, North Carolina more than a few times, but this was our first trip there for picking purposes.  We can find our way to Catawba College or the golf course on our own; but to get us to the antique/vintage stores, we were relying on our old faithful GPS.  At least we thought we were.  However, I guess the GPS is only as good as the input and I obviously failed miserably in that capacity.  We ended up on South Main Street in Faith, North Carolina.  (Note to self: pay attention to zip codes, not city names, when GPS gives me choices.)  Fortunately, Faith is only 6 miles away from Salisbury and eventually we happened upon our first destination, Salisbury Square Antiques & Collectibles. 

Von Coolidge Poston’s antique/vintage mall in downtown Salisbury is a great place to spend a morning or an afternoon.  We should know, we were there for quite a while.  We even took a lunch break at the Sidewalk Deli and came back.  We could have chatted with Von all day long, but then we were on a mission, there was plenty to see and we did not want to miss a thing. 

Not long into our search, a pair of sewing accessory cabinets from an old mill latched onto us and continuously called out to us ever more loudly as we made our way through other booths.  They are not antique, nor particularly pretty, but we just could not walk away from them.    

Talk about cumbersome pieces.  I’m sure getting them into the truck was an amusing site.  The first one was a piece of cake.  I just backed in one door carrying my end all the way through putting the cabinet down just before backing out the opposite door.  Then we returned with the second one.  As the first cabinet stood squarely in the middle of my pathway, we were in a dilemma.  After a most comical unsuccessful attempt, a musclebound stranger took mercy on us and in one fell swoop lifted the cabinet and deposited it next to its twin.  (Now if only he’d come home with us.  The garage is in dire need of someone with muscles.)

Our next stop was 1839 Antiques.  Franchot Palmer made an awesome choice when he purchased this former rope factory for his antique store.  Set back from the road, the charming brick exterior beckons with promises of a unique shopping experience.  Everything in this 5,000 square foot building - every piece of furniture, silver, china glass, etc. is all his, including an extensive stock of stained glass windows.  If you’re looking for that perfect window, this is definitely where you should begin your search. 

Leaving the old rope factory building, we headed to the 100-year-old brick warehouse which now houses over 85 vendors.  In The Salisbury Emporium you’ll find gifts, antiques, books, furniture, pottery, fine art, and a whole lot more.  You will also find gorgeous wooden floors that take you back in time.  Located near the restored Salisbury Train Station, it’s only fitting that you will find railroad items among their offerings while approaching trains provide rhythmic background music taking your imagination along for the ride.