Space Commander.jpg

Strolling through Gibson’s Depot one day, we heard a tiny voice, “Space Commander to Galaxy Headquarters... No, sir.  I have not been winking at the ladies….  I did not sign up for infinity or planets unknown….  No, sir.  I’m not being impudent... Yes, sir.  I will, sir.”  As we rounded the corner, we heard the same voice again, more commanding this time, “Hey, you in the blue shirt, unlike my father, your daddy wasn’t a glassmaker….  Yes you, you’re blocking my line of vision.  Get over here on the double, mister.  My mission here at the Depot has been terminated and you are going to assist me in finding and reassembling my Galaxy force.  The fate of the universe is in your hands.” 

Okay, so that’s not really how it happened, but it made for a good story.  Anyway, there was this Space Commander glass bank that caught our eye - we could have sworn he winked at us.  Little did we know that this little guy really does have a band of brothers out there.  So now we are trying to reunite his force.  Maybe, they will save the universe!    

According to Chocolate Mint Cottage these spaceman bottles with slotted tops were manufactured back in the 1950s by Space Foods Company of Baltimore, Maryland for Galaxy Syrup.  If all had gone according to plan, the bottles would have been filled with flavored syrups and once empty used as banks.  They came in different colors and ranks.  It seems the company went bankrupt in 1953 and most likely the bottles remained forever empty.  The ones we have found are all in excellent shape with vibrant colors and the tops still intact.  We know there are shipping boxes still out there as well, but haven’t come across any of those yet.