Even though the weather was very uncooperative on our visit to the Metrolina Expo Marketplace Fall Extravaganza, we did come home with a few new treasures.  In the main building, browsing through Mike’s – N – Gayle’s Toys And Joys Antiques, we came across what looked like the Mini-Me to our Traveling Teller Bank.  So, of course, we had to stop and ask.  It turns out this is a dime bank.  It only has 2 dime-sized slots and holds 2 stacks of dimes.  When full, it totals $6.  But the most exciting part about this bank, it has a key!!! Finally, we have a bank that locks that we can open.  If only it fit the Traveling Teller Bank, too.   

Since we had never heard of dime banks before, it was time to do some research.  Googling dime banks, I got “About 3,030,000 results (0.34 seconds).”  When I had researched the Traveling Teller Bank, my results were only “About 441,000 (0.32 seconds).”   Needless to say, I about fell off my chair.  How could there be so much information about this little business-card-sized bank from Detroit?  Well, it turns out, according to that the Dime Savings Bank of Detroit was founded in 1884. 




Their claim to fame - anyone could open up a savings account even with only a dime, and supposedly that is how the bank got its name.  

The majority of the Google hits were about the history of the Dime Savings Banks not only in Detroit, but other cities as well and the Dime Bank Building, one of Detroit’s oldest skyscrapers.  

As we left the building with our little dime bank, we tried to poke through the vendors booths set up in the “mall portion” between the buildings, but it was still too cold, wet and windy.  So we hit the next building and what did we find on a back table, but a grouping of the Galaxy Syrup Space Ranger banks including the Space Ace.  While the vendor wanted to sell them as a group, he agreed to sell us just the Space Ace.  There was quite a celebration when this long-lost brother joined the other rangers at our house.

Our final purchase that day was a Piggy Bank Bottle.  While searching for the truck in the parking lot, we realized we were not the only folks who had braved the weather, the rest of them were just a little bit later getting there.