Everyone needs to save a little money for a rainy day and the Traveling Teller Bank is ideal for this purpose, especially since you can rarely find the keys to go along with them.  The one we found at Antique Alley in Matthews NC actually has some pennies inside.  We’d love to see the dates on the pennies saved by the previous owner. 

The Automatic Recording Safe Company made these metal banks, which have horizontal slots around the top for halves, quarters, nickels, dimes, and cents with vertical slits beneath showing the amount saved in each denomination.  There is a hole in the bottom for rolled up dollar bills.  To open the bank, you place the ever elusive key in the keyhole on top.  After turning the key a quarter of a turn, the top should then slide off to reveal your coins neatly stacked waiting for you take them on to your banker for deposit. 

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we seem to have gotten into banks.  We now have the Traveling Teller Bank without a key and a tin combination safe style bank without the combination.  Looks like any money we put into these two isn’t going to come back out very easily.  Maybe that’s a good thing.