Trying to remove price stickers and the sticky residue left behind can be a frustrating process.  We’ve been told to Goo Gone them, baby oil them, acetone them and most recently use a hair dryer on low on them.  Sometimes when the stickers come off they take away a bit of the finish as well. 

This got me to wondering.  Has anybody ever tried putting the price sticker on a piece of painter’s tape and then applying that to the item?  It peels away clean effortlessly – no residue, no goo, no damage to any finishes.  So I gave it a try.  Two weeks later, it still pulls off clean.  I did find that you really need to press hard around the edges of the sticker, but after 2 weeks it is still in place and able to be pulled off of the painter’s tape in one piece with its stickiness still intact for malls and flea markets who like to keep the price tags for their vendor records.