So we finally made our way to Katydid Antiques’ new location in Gastonia NC.  While we enjoyed the old fashioned charm of the original Katydid, the new location is way more customer friendly.  Everything is on one floor and no more parallel parking!  The front door is fairly industrial and plain but as you enter, a gigantic Pepsi bottle on the far wall draws your attention.  You’ll be greeted by the same friendly, helpful staff and as you start your treasure hunting adventure, it doesn’t take you long to notice the one thing they are most proud of - “4-foot aisles.”   

Oh, yes, the new store is wide open and bright with high ceilings and space for more vendors.  You can easily navigate the various rooms and booths checking shelves and nooks without bumping into other shoppers or squeezing past displays.  They are planning eventually to expand into the back rooms as well. 

As we wandered from room to room visiting booth after booth we came across a figural bottle of a funny-looking little man with a monocle and a bowtie with a tilted bottom.  I thought he might have been a crude replica of Planter’s Mr. Peanut.  The Great One, however, said no way and wanted to bet me on that one - something to do with drawing a crowd on Main Street.  Without acknowledging his bet, we decided to purchase the bottle.  Unfortunately, neither the folks at Katydid nor the vendor selling the bottle had any idea who it was supposed to be. 

I spent hours after we got home looking for information on my little guy searching figural jars, famous people who wore monocles, man with monocle and bowtie, Charlie McCarthy, tilted man with monocle and bowtie (this produced quite an interesting result), Planter’s peanuts jars/advertising, Ploughman’s, Mr. Tuxedo, food jars, candy jars, mustard jars, and glass banks all to no avail.  After a break, I decided to give it one last try.  Since he was kind of a roly-poly little thing, I started with that this time around and found out that he is a vintage Sun-Ra Hot Dog Sauce jar from the 1940’s-1950’s.  At this point, I haven’t been able to find out much about Sun-Ra Hot Dog Sauce other than it was produced by Sun-Ra Products Company of St Joseph MO. 

As I am not a betting woman, even though my little guy was not Mr. Peanut, Main Street remains untarnished.