1.       If we ever decide to flip the things we pick, we need to shop more garage/estate sales and flea markets.  We still don’t know about the flipping part.  For now we’re buying what we like and whether there is going to be a market for our eclectic taste is questionable. (Sorry, kids, I guess y’all are going to end up with all of our treasures eventually – just imagine what a great garage sale y’all can have!)

2.       Reproductions are as common as dust and rust in the world of picking.  Reproductions ranging from – “Yeah, I’m a knockoff, but hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying.” to “Are you really going to pass me up?  Even the experts take a second look.” are everywhere just waiting for the untrained eye and between the two of us, we have four of those.  

3.       Although we’re up and walking all day, we’re definitely not making up for the calories we consume at our lunch breaks during which we have had some outstanding meals at local restaurants (Corine’s Cafe in Mooresville – don’t miss the fried okra) and lunch counters.  However, we’re also not snacking all day, so maybe it will balance out eventually.  (Wishful thinking!)

4.       If a vendor has more than one of what we’re looking at, it probably doesn't really fall into the very rare category?

5.       Humans aren't the only living things in some malls/flea markets.  I’m not sure if we prefer the legged variety or the slithering type (I’m sure the Great One would rather they have legs). 

6.       Save the flea markets for cooler weather, you’ll enjoy them more than in the heat of the summer. 

7.       Invest in a good pair of walking shoes and you might even want some Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts.  You’re going to spend a lot of time on your feet.

8.    You’ll never meet a friendlier, more helpful group of people than the folks who run and frequent antique/vintage malls and flea markets.  Everybody has a story to tell and will share the knowledge they have acquired over the years with you.  (Now if we could just get our brains back in shape so we can retain all this information.  Looks like we could benefit from Lumosity!)