We’re always looking for new antique/vintage malls and flea markets to visit and while I do a lot of searching online, being somewhat old-school, I still pick up the free newspapers and booklets offered at most of the antique/vintage malls we visit.  Back in the day, we called these periodicals.  Two of my favorites are the Antique Lynx and the North Carolina Antique & Collectible Peddler.

The Antique Lynx is a monthly publication which includes informative articles on a variety of collecting topics as well as advertisements by North and South Carolina vendors.  The North Carolina Antique & Collectible Peddler is a booklet published quarterly.  In addition to advertisements ranging from business card to full page size, they also have a classified ads section listing upcoming shows, events, auctions, etc.

For an online listing of resale shops visit, or  All three have state by state directories.  On you can also use the trip planner to make the most efficient use of your time and gas. 

Although all of the above are great resources, we have found our best leads the really old-fashioned way – by word of mouth.  These are always the places we return to time and again.