Inspired by our Space Commander, the Great One and I set off opposite the sunrise on our great adventure.  First we stop to get his breakfast - a Diet Mountain Dew and cereal bar - and hopefully, the winning lottery ticket.  I tell him he needs to buy his tickets with more conviction if he wants a better outcome.  Basically, this has become our weekly contribution to higher education.   All three of our kids benefited from the “lottery scholarships” so we don’t mind contributing to the fund for those yet to come and maybe win a few dollars in the process.

Once the important chores of the day are accomplished, we punch our destination into the GPS – a real GPS, not the guy on the commercial in the backseat with the umbrella – although ours can be just as annoying.  Of course, she wouldn’t have to keep announcing “Recalculating” in an ever escalating voice if we would follow her initial directions given in her welcome to my world, I’m in complete control here voice.  I bet she wishes she did have that umbrella to knock some sense into us.  Of course, we eventually had to find this one on our own.  Ms. I know what I’m doing here didn’t have a clue.  Seems detours caused by road construction and something to do with Rutherfordton/Forest City threw her calculations for a loop.

Eventually, we do arrive at our destination – Robin Rose Antiques in Forest City, North Carolina.  After talking with the proprietor and learning that we had more than a few things in common, we started exploring.  With a year-round Christmas booth, the holiday spirit is always alive and well here.  She had antique, mid-century modern, retro and vintage furniture.  We looked at Hoosier cabinets, tools, glassware and china.  We talked a while longer and then just as we were about to head out, there he was, an orange Galaxy Space Ranger bank - the Orbit Admiral.  There was no way we were going to walk away and leave him behind.  How could we explain it to the Space Commander if we returned empty-handed?